Aug 25, 2009

My Boys!

Hello everybody! If you are a follower of my blog you probably know that my three boys are very much into sports. Actually they live and breath sports. Six days a week! They are involved in Jiu-Jitsu, Kick boxing and MMA ( mixed martial arts). Brandon & Cass are also assisting their sensei with the Little Dragons class which is Alexanders group age.
Saturday they had an "in house tournament". I had to post some pictures of them, they did amazing!

Here are Brandon and Cass in the morning of the tournament.

Alex in his first match with a fellow little dragon.

They were having so much fun. So sweet, it was the first time they actually herd the electronic bell from the timer, and they would sit there looking at the bell and even during the match they would still looks towards it.

Alex trying one of his moves, can't remember the name of it.

He actually did get the ... move, and won the match.

Here Alex is having his match for gold and silver medal.

His not very happy. The little girl won the game. His got the second place.

Alex got his silver medal.

Cass in one of the kick boxing match.

He was doing great, and won the match.

This is one match I didn't enjoy. Brandon and Cass against each other. They are so competitive. Brandon won the match but was not easy.

Cass is still in the same match.

Cass getting his silver medal.

Brandon getting his gold medal.

Brandon and Cass into a Jiu-jitsu match.

Brandon won By submission ( not entirely sure what that means, I guess that Cass "tapped")

This is an exhibition match between Brandon and Matt, an adult student at the club.

Still the MMA match. It was very entertaining.

They showed great technique.

Cass with his gold medal for MMA.

Brandon with two gold medals.

Cass with 1 gold and 2 silver.

Alex very tired, but wearing his silver medal.

So.... those are my boys and I'm very proud of them.


Tien said...

You have very impressive sons,cute ,tough and knows how to appreciate their Mom's cooking. -Tien :)

Laura said...

Thank you Tien,
They are my pride and joy!

Anonymous said...

hi laura.
it must have been a tough match bet the 2 bros.all 3 of look so cute with their's such "A GREAT &JOYOUS FEELING"when the kids excel in their respective congraulate them on my behalf.

Laura said...

Thank you Rekha,
Yes it is a great feeling when your kids excel in sports or school. I'm very proud of them.

Jeannie said...

Incidentally, I have 3 boys too! We have much in common don't we? My eldest are already in University in Australie, the second boy is studying to be a chef (he has inherited my passion for cooking) while the youngest is still at junior high school. But they are more into computer sports (as in always fighting for the use of computer) unlike your boys who are so active.

Laura said...

Hi Jeannie,
You are right, we do have much in common. Wow, university and studying to be a chef, you must be very proud. I know would..... You know what, mine love the computer just as much, luckily my mom made sure that they have their own computer as presents for their birthdays so there is no fighting.

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