Jun 30, 2009

Michael Roux's French Pastry Books

The book that taught me the French Pastry making secrets. Contains recipes and pictures and step by step instruction. Amazingly easy to follow even if you never attempted french pastry baking . Great for beginners.

Finest Desserts. The star recipes of Michael Roux. Some of them are very easy like crêpes and lady fingers, others require some knowledge a level 3 and 4 in French pastry baking. I recommend it to people that are really interested in the art of French Pastry baking.


Tien said...

The books look lovely. Thanks for posting.

Laura said...

My pleasure Tien.

luly said...

My pleasure to met you, dear laura, i am also mon of 5 kids now teenagers. i love sugar and baking . i studied and am a pastry sugar chef now, but i am not famous because i have few time like you can image it with a great family . I love them.i sincerely admire your work. Please, write me whenever you want it.i love to send mails.A big kiss to all of you.

Laura said...

Hello luly,

Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm sincerely impressed by the fact that you made time to study and became a pastry sugar chef. French pastry is my passion I hope one day I will have the time to study that. Right now my younger son is only in kindergarten and I'm very busy with him, also my other two sons are in school and involved in sports which requires a lot of driving from me. Thank again for your kind comment and I hope you'll stay in touch. Lots of love :-)


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