Jun 29, 2009


I grew up eating crêpes, my mom would make them very often. I never given to much thought of where they originated from or how many recipes or how different they were. But time passed and years letter I found myself in the middle of an ... well, I could call it an obsession: French pastry. I have read many books that unfortunately made me believe that I would never be able to actually learn the amazing art of french pastry. Until one day in a bookstore on the clearance table I found a book, a french pastry book I couldn't help myself and I picked it up. I have found the most amazing book. Pastry by Michel Roux. Michel Roux is a french pastry chef, born and raised in France and who lives now in England. This crêpes recipe is published in his book called "Finest Deserts" ( published in 1995). And without a doubt is the best crêpes recipe I ever tried. And if you like crêpes this is the recipe to try.


1 3/4 cups flour (250 g)
2 tbsp of sugar (30 g)
A pinch of salt (about 1/8 tsp)
4 eggs
2 2/3 cups milk (650 ml)
7/8 cup heavy cream (200 ml)
1 tsp vanilla
3 tbsp of clarified butter

Combine the flour with the sugar and salt in a large bowl. Then add the eggs two at the time mixing well with a whisk .

Add 7/8 cup (200 ml) from the total of 2 2/3 cups (650 ml) milk , whisk to make a smooth batter. Add the cream and the rest of the milk, then let the batter rest for about 1 hour in a cool place.

Stir the batter and add the vanilla. Brush the frying pan ( I used a 9 inches pan) with clarified butter,( you will need to do this after every 3 or 4 crêpes cooked). Let the pan heat over medium heat.

Ladle in the pan a little batter and and cook the crêpe for about 1 minute on each side, turning it with a metal spatula or tossing it ( if you are brave enough).

You can fold the crêpes or roll them. Sprinkle with sugar or fill them with your favorite jam.

My two older boys Brandon and Cass love them rolled and filled with strawberry jam.



Tien said...

Crepes are on my list to try to make. I love french desserts. I will have to find the cookbook too. Thanks for sharing. You are amazing. All I got done today was weeding. Sadly I have more work for tomorrow. -Tien:)

FOODnTRAVELla said...

I love eating crepes especially with mashed tuna or sardine.

Laura said...

Hello Tien. I hope you are going to try the crêpes, they are delicious. I'm going to upload a photo of the books later.

Laura said...

Hi FOODnTRAVELa, I never tried them with tuna or sardine (I'm a vegetarian), But they can be made savory, they are great with mushrooms,

janet said...

Those look really yummy!

Laura said...

Thanks Janet, they really are.

Candice said...

A great South African traditional dessert is crepes filled with cinnamon and sugar. I also love to squeeze some lemon on mine.

Laura said...

Hi Candice, we sprinkle sugar too but I never tried with cinnamon or lemon. Sounds interesting.

Miriam/The winter guest said...

I make buckwheat crepes often, I'd like to try yours with spelt!

Laura said...

I have never tried buckwheat crêpes, do you have the recipe on your blog? I'm going to check. Thanks Miriam

Kelly said...

I love crepes! For sweet crepes I add orange, coffee, or even chocolate liquer to the batter for extra flavor. For savory I Yours look very nice!

Laura said...

Thanks Kelly, chocolate liqueur is the next flavor for me. I sometime add rose water, pure almond extract, cinnamon.

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