Oct 15, 2009

Awards from Simona

Those awards were offered to me by my friend Simona at Alison's Trial. Thank you Simona! It's a great pleasure, and I'm extremely fortunate to have you as a friend.




And I'm offering those further to a few of my foodies friends.

 Rita @Sage cuisine


Lydia C said...

Hi Laura! Thanks for the award - how do I go about getting it? I'm very honored that you picked me and thank you for being a great foodie friend. I look forward sharing more recipes and idea with you!


Sage said...

Thank you so much Laura! you are making feel like a pro(I'm not but it feels food)

alison said...

congrats. my dear!you deserved each of this!am zis bine ori am gresit ceva?te pup si ce ma bucur ca le-ai afisat!

Laura said...

@ Lydia,
I hope that my explanations helped.
@ Rita aka Sage,
You are a pro... In my book, that's what counts:)
@ Simona,
Pina la urma m-am dezmeticit cum sa le afisez. Thanks again! PS. Ai spus foarte bine.

Lydia C said...

I hate to sound stupid but which one do I pick? LOL

Thanks again!

Laura said...

Hi Lydia,
All of them! They all are so nice you can't pick only one!

Drick said...

Well, as usual, I am the last on stage but late from work.... Thank you so much Laura, this means much more than you can imagine, I am truly fortunate to have you as a friend and for including me in these awards. The passion and inspiration you give daily makes us all desire to be better. Thanks again my good friend.

Tien said...

Hi, Laura,
It's official. You made me cry. With all the fabulous blogs out there, thank you for generously sharing your award with me. -Tien

Laura said...

It's my pleasure Drick,
Good friends are hard to come by, and when you find them you have to make sure you keep them "close". You deserve each one of these awards.

Laura said...

Hi Tien,
I was hoping to put a smile on your face not to make you cry, and you deserve those awards, your blog is fabulous you are doing an amazing job:)

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