Jul 5, 2009

Apricot Jam

Apricot jam, the only gem my son Alex likes. Last week when I made the strawberry jam he felt left out. Try explaining to a 5 years old that the apricots are not in season just yet, a few more weeks and the farmers market will be flooded with them. All I got were wet puppy eyes.
Well at this point supermarket apricots looked just as good. Here is Alexander's apricot jam.


4 pounds apricots
1 cup water
4 cups sugar
Juice of 1 lemon (optional)
2 tbsp orange liqueur ( Grand Marnier)

Quarter the apricots ( no need to remove the skin). place the quarter apricots, sugar , liqueur and the cup of water in heavy saucepan.

Bring to a boil, and cook uncovered skimming off any of the foam that rises to the surface.

Boil for 30 to 40 minutes. To check if is done drop a spoonful on a cold dish, if it jells is done. Taste the Jam, if you desire add the lemon juice.

If you like a smooth texture once is cool, use a hand blender to achieve it. It keeps in the refrigerator for 2 weeks, or could be canned.



Tien said...

Your little guy is very lucky. The jam looks delicious. -Tien

Laura said...

Thank you Tien, We are lucky to have him , he's a blessing.

On-off said...

Apricot jam home made: my favorite for breakfast ( pour mes tartines !...)

Laura said...

thanks On-off, It works great on toast especially buttered toast, yummy. I tried to keep the recipe lower in sugar , the usual ones are 2 to 1 (sugar to fruits) so the taste of apricots is predominant.

Mama Mel said...

Yum! I think I'll try making this! We have lots of apricots over here! :) Thanx for stopping by my blog! Have a great day!

Laura said...

thanks Mama Mel, I hope you like it. And I love your blog.

Chow and Chatter said...

looks great love the idea for your blog will follow along Rebecca

Jeannie said...

Hi Laura, I was wondering what happened to your blog! I didn't know you have moved...am following this new one! Have always found your blog to be full of wonderful recipes!

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